A Case Study: Education Status of kondhanpur Village by GBSS

Introduction: case study of kondhanpur village

We went kondhanpur village of haveli taluka comes under Pune dist.
This village was situated about 30 km away from Pune city village surrounded from hills and there are also one tourist place singhgarh which are famous for Shivaji maharaja historical place.
If we discuss about the literacy rate of Pune dist. i.e. 86.15% whereas the literacy rate of Haveli Taluka is 88.18% and 87.13% is the literacy rate of Kondhanpur village (according to census 2011).
There are one Z.P (Zila Parishad school) and 2 private schools also present in the village, Anganwadi center also contributing in child education.
Students went Shivpuri for obtaining intermediate level education as well as for preparing for competitive examination like Railway, Army, Banking, etc.
Some students are also doing their higher education from pune city and also from Mumbai and others nearest city. The conditions of governments schools in this village are better than private schools.

Local Attitude Towards Schooling for the Education:

People belongs to Maratha community has more awareness about education as compare to the Harijan community Maratha family sent their children in schools continuously for obtaining education because the told that education is very important for the future of their kids.
One of the best reasons of more awareness about education in this community it may be high income because Martha family are richer than Harijan, and result of that they sent their children in private schools also because they can access the burden of private schools in terms of fees, norms and other things also.
But in other side Harijan people also sent their children to schools for education after seeing the better standers of living among Maratha family which comes due to education.
If we talking about gender-based education then I found that female literacy rate is higher in the village but if we discuss about employment then male is more employed and reason behind this is taboo in society.
They think that girls can’t do works in city or outside the village except some family.

Positive Features of the School Systems

Government and some NGO as well as industries provide computers, projectors, LCD and other study material and also help build infrastructure in schools which help students to learns things very easily by audio & video visual methods and also use different types of pictures in classrooms to learn easily to the students below class five.

In school have also Games and Sports equipment’s which developed students to developed physically. Principal of the school told that“after the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan toilets are constructed properly in the schools so that habit of using toilets developing among the children which are beneficial for their health”.

Negative Features of the School Systems

In the village of kondhanpur schools lack of class rooms I observe that two to three classes students set in same class room also there are lack of infrastructure and grounds in schools’ campus.
One major negative feature of our school’s systems students gets formal education but they don’t get skill education by which they can stand on their own feet, and result of this after complete their education they depend on governments or others for employment.
One negative feature are teachers are involved in so many works like survey, election duty etc. due to which they can’t give full time in teachings.
In schools’ girls and boys set separately which also show the discrimination among them. Finally, Due to the weak relation between teachers and parents it’s also bad effect on students because parents don’t know what their children are learning or doing in schools.

Government Schools vis-a-vis Private Schools

In government schools’ parents’ participation is weak where as in private schools’ relations is strong between school’s administration and parents.
The work load rather than teaching is less in private school as compare to government schools. Burden of study on students is also high in private schools in terms of reading and assignments.
Private schools are more clean and better infrastructure facility as compare to government schools. Private schools are more costly so that poor people can’t sent their children in this schools.
In other side the salary given to the teachers in private schools is very less because owner of the schools wants more profit and government schools’ teachers get more salary. Governments schools’ teachers are also more talented and educated because they come from entrance examination.

Why is the situation it is?

The current situation of the schools is because in this village people are more aware about the education and the gram panchayat of the village more focus in the Z.P school so that quality of Z.P schools’ education in this village is better as compare to the other village near this.

One more reason of good conditions is also teachers in this schools also dedicated for teaching and also involvement of industries in schools which provide educational materials to the schools like computers, LCD, projector etc.

Has the educational system improved over time?

Yes, educational system improved over time before five to six years teachers uses only books for teaching but now, they also use digital media like computers, projectors by which students learn easily and now teachers also teach students to how they can use toilets and create awareness among the children about health and hygiene.

Now people belong to the St/Sc category also sent schools to their children. Teachers also provide information to the students about skill development.

Is the Education having a Positive Impact on the Local Society?

Yes, education have positive impact on local society due to the education people more aware about health and sanitation.
And due to the education, many social taboo dissolves because they are more aware and sent their girls also in schools and provide higher education. Also because of education discrimination in the basis of caste and gender also dissolving in this village they celebrate their festivals together with joy and love even some love marriage between different caste happen in this village .
Youth also doing good jobs in cities like software engineer, doctor, Army and in industry some are also doing their own business so education help them to develop economically also.

How might the education system be improved?

Education system are good in conditions in this village but it can be improving more by adopting different things:
1. More classrooms should be constructed at least one class rooms for each classes.
2. Set up of laboratory in the schools by which students can learn practically and developed nature of experiment.
3. Proper play ground in schools by which they learn group activity and which are good In games can make future on it.
4. Exposure visit in the good schools by which they can learn more.
5. Relation between teachers and students should be strong.


The current education situation in this village is good. Peoples of the village aware for education, involvement of Gram Panchayat towards education is so good which make it better.

But after some changes like proper infrastructure and build strong bonding among teachers and parents, and also adopt some others methods of learning like setup of laboratory, and moral education it can be improved more.


Nitish Kumar


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