India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day today, August 15, 2021. It was on this day India gained its freedom from the colonial rule of Britishers.

On this day, Indians pay tribute to all the prominent leaders of India who have heroically fought for the country’s freedom in the past.


Today Gramin Bharti have Celebrated This 75th Independence Day in 3 Villages. The Events Celebrated In the following 3 villages are:


1.Gunguniya Village-


Today in the Ratri Pathshala (Gunguniya Village) run by Gramin Bharti on the occasion of Independence Day.
At 8:30 am, the children and teachers prepared for the flag hosting. In which 80 children and 20 villages
The people participated enthusiastically and made the program successful. At 9:00 A.M Member of Gramin Bharti Seva Sanstha The flag hosting was done by the teacher of night school, Sandeep Oraon ji and Khashu is busi and Children were told about Independence Day by Temba Oraon. Chocolates with children after the program was distributed.After the program, information about masks was given among the villagers and children, how the masks were used by us.
Beneficial for health. Along with this, 200 masks were distributed among the children and the villagers and used.
A was called for.
On the occasion of Independence Day, sports activities for children were also organized by Gramin Bharti, in which
100m race for adults, 50m race for little ones, sack race and chocolate race were organized
in which all the children enthusiastically participated .



2.Benti Village-

This report is being given from the baton, first flag weighing was organized and after that a little entertainment game was also done with the children as follows
1. Matcha burst
2. Biscuit Race
3 Culture Program
Like the music was organized.


3.Maildih Village-

From the Gramin Bharti Member Haldar Bediya and Bindesh Bediya went to Maildih for the Celebration of 75th Independence Day.Firstly The flag hosting was done. Then a School teacher from Maildih gave a speech on Independence Day. After the flag hosting then their was arrangements of some sweets by the villagers itself and Haldar bedia and Bindesh Bedia helped the villagers to Distribute the sweets.







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