On 14th September Gramin bharti Seva Sanstha has organised Hindi diwas program on online mood in Google meet. On this special occasions our Chief guest was honourable poet and reporter Mr. Nilesh and Mr. Jitanshu and along with them Mr. Suresh kumar Mahato a faculty member of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute.

The program was started with precious words by Mohini Nisha.

“Hindustani ki pechan h hindi ,
Ekta ki anupan Parampara h hindi har dil ka Arman h hindi. ”

By the above words she welcomed all of the members of the meeting.After that a member of Gramin Bharti Sewa Sanstha,Nikky shared some information that why hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th of September.

After that according to Gramin Bharti Customs The program was further proceeded with the Chanting of Shanti Mantra by Mr. Rahul.

Then Mohini Nisha invited Mr. Mahendra for the welcoming address.
Previously he was the Manager of GBBS.
He discussed about the importance of Hindi language and also welcomed all the guest present in the meeting.

Then Nikky requested Mr. Vikram a member GBBS to recite a poem. Then Mr. Anant Kumar was invited to to present a speech and in his speech he awared everyone about the importance of languages. He also recited a poem written by him. Then Mr. Nilesh recited a poem and cheered everyone and he made the environment cheerful.
After Mr. Nilesh our Respected teacher Suresh Sir spoke about the importance of hindi language.
After him Mr. Jitanshu recited a poem and shayari made everyone very happy.

Then Mohini called GBBS President Mr. Nitish Kumar he said explained about the importance of Hindi Diwas. After that some members of GBBS like Amandip Singh, Uttam Mahto, Sumit Kumar Mondal recited their poet and Miss Shamita higlighted about the points on Women Empowerment.

Lastly their was a Vote of thanks.Then the program was ended with Shantri Mantra.


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