Gramin Bharti Sewa Sanstha, in collaboration with Reliance Foundation, distributed masks among the workers.
Under the leadership of Mohini Nisha, a Rural Indian Service Association member, 1000 masks provided by Reliance Foundation were distributed among the laborers in Chirondi, Morabadi. Meanwhile, the president of the institution, Nitish Kumar, appealed to the people and said that “How many people have lost their close ones in the first and second wave of Corona. We have to stop the third wave.”

Can’t bear the loss anymore. Therefore, all of you, following the social distance, use the mask in the right way. While making people aware about vaccination, appealed to them to get vaccinated as soon as possible.” While Sheela Kumari of the organization said that “Gramin Bharti family has about 20 thousand pieces of mask, sanitizer, ration for more than last 1 year. Has distributed similar, educational materials, etc. to the children.”

In the coming days, we will continue this till we win the war against Corona”. Pankaj Kumar expressed his thanks and said that “We can help so many people only with the help of Reliance Foundation and other affiliates.” The contribution of Bisram Bedia, Mohit Kumar was also commendable in making this program a success.



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