Opening Of Gramin Bharti Ratri Pathshala at Gunguniya Village in Khunti:

Today dated 17th of January 2021 Gramin Bharti Team has started the Ratri Pathsala at the Anganwadi Centre of the Gunguniya Village in which 71 students Participated. The night school was conducted in Leadership of Temba Kujur. Today Mr. Nandwa, Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Lalit and Miss Sony taught the children’s of the village in this Ratri Pathshala . It is really a great work done by them. Ratri pathshala is very important for the rural children as they are busy in some other work during day time they would not be getting alot of time to study that’s why the program of this night school was introduced so that the children’s can study here at evening time. This Ratri Pathshala can be possible only with the help of the Villagers, some active members. The educated one can only help to make educate the others. As we all know the importance of Education in Today’s World. “Be and make”. It should be the motto. If we are Capable we should always be ready to help others.


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