On Dated 25 August 2021, Wednesday,  Covid-19 Vaccination Camp was Organized by Gramin Bharti Seva Sanstha in collaboration with Reliance Foundation with a vision of Nar Seva is Narayan Seva. For the purpose to Vaccinate everyone a Covid Vaccination Camp was organized at Devkamal Hospital, Bajra,  Ranchi. A total of 70 people were vaccinated in this camp. At that time Bisram Bediya  Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Gramin Bharti Sewa Sanstha , said that since the Corona period is going in the country.From that time only the members of the Gramin Bharti Sewa Sanstha have been running the program continuously in coordination with other organizations. For Making the people aware, Mohini Nisha said that today the masks have been distributed with the help of Reliance Foundation. This has been done not to avoid the police but to avoid the Corona. Then Sheela Kumari  also said that the country has to be saved from the third wave, that’s why we are continuously doing awareness work and this is possible only when there is medicine and Strictness both. During this, the cooperation of the energetic members of the Gramin Bharti Sewa Sanstha was commendable, on this occasion Uttam, Manisha, Pankaj and Reliance Foundation workers Sandhya Kujur, Sapna Kujur and Vinita Urao were also present on this occasion.

Humara Prayas Gramin Vikas(Our endeavor, Rural Development.)


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